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by Yosi Horikawa

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Really like it esp. the first track(Grasshopper) and the third one(Twilight)
top stuff played it on my weekly radio show already
(Dj Morpheus aka Samy Birnbach - BE) 

A great mixture of electronic experimentalism and soul music this week, kicking off with a great Japanese talent, Yosi Horikawa, a sound designer who likes mixing up the sound of the world with some great beats.
(James Barrie - Global SoulJah and BBE Records Radio Show - UK) 

Yosi Horikawa brings a fresh slice of sonic treatment to the ears
the touch ep does exactly that, with it's sophisticated sound design
and warm textures.. the soundtrack to autumn nights...
(Jay Scarlett – Ubeat Records / Samurai FM - UK, DE)
I feel his love for the sound that exceeds genre.
Please experience his sensibility that can hear by eyes, can watch by ears, by all means.
(Daisuke Tanabe - Burntprogress / Fl Oz / Dancing Turtle / ki / Circulations - JP)
"Skipping" is huge! sampling everyday life sounds is a great idea, much respect to you.
(Onra - Favorite / All City - FR)

It sounds really great, and I'm honest, it's so cool to hear something fresher than beat music (like I do hehhe). I mean music with real samples, with texture and noise around... It's not just a technical love, I love the music in. Really*
(Fulgeance - Musique Large - FR)

Touch is superdope! deep n detailed n soulful n fresh, diggin this! very cool 
(kidkanevil - First Word Records - UK) 

"Yoshi Horikawa"というフィルターを介して紡がれる数多の音像は、愛によって繋ぎ止められ、

Fragments in the daily life show an unexpected expression, These sounds are filled at such a happy moment.
Various audio images that were picked up through the filter "Yosi Horikawa" are tied by his love, and sublimated to one art.
I'll keep company with these sounds for so long.
(MONKEY SEQUENCE.19 - SHOW-TIKU-BAI Records / Wonderful Noise Productions - JP)
Yosi Horikawa なりの『絶対音感』あってのことではないでしょうか。

I think the leap from the extremely daily and familiar sounds to this pop and fantastic world depends on Yosi Horikawa's "absolute pitch".
I wish the listener's daily life will be colored by like these sounds. 
(sauce81 - cosmopolyphonic - JP) 

Your sounds always impress me. Some serious depth and intricacy!
 I'm gonna have to get my hands on "Touch". Hope to get the vinyl when it comes out! Much respect
(Busy - Ubeat Records / Circulations - US) 

"Touch" is the right name for that album.
really personal and deep music that takes us suddenly to a wonderland  where all sounds become friends and storytellers. 
magical and dreamy r the first words that come to our minds!
its also well constructed and the trakks flow from one to another like water.. "Gull" is really our favorite at the moment :)
(1000names - Eklektik records - BG)

I'm really impressed with your sound on your EP. its really fresh and unique keep doin your thing. rspkt.
(Josip Klobučar - 4lux / Eklektik records - HR)

My favourite song of the EP is "Painting", I imagine so much images with this particular sound ! But all the EP is interesting, fresh sounds of nature everywhere in the music, really beautiful to here that,
it reminds me Plaid a bit sometimes. The YoggyOne remix is so huge & funny!
(Kevin Mc Callister - Tits & Acid / Radio Campus Bordeaux - FR)

yosi horikawaの名前と音楽が世界を驚愕させるのも時間の問題だろう。

Last year, I got a impact encounter with the tune "Skipping".
That's supposed to be fragments of the sound flooding in daily life, when they pass through Yosi's filter, they become a "music" that has never been listened.
"Skipping" can't be applied to any music that I had listened, I was convinced that it is a more progressed music of new dimension.
Nostalgia and freshness, loneliness and warmth, all the emotions were expressed in a overwhelming and mysterious worldview. It is a matter of time that the name and music of Yosi Horikawa will amaze the world.
(Nakamura Takahiro [Collioure] - kuh recording - JP)


YOSI's music has a "touch".
The sound materials courteously recorded and elaborately polished are comfortable, and they are full of the sense of fun.
Sounds that haven't had special meaning stand up automatically like alive, and they start dancing.
His sound treatment and worldview that can be called his characteristic tell his backbone that he has acquired fine art, architecture, soundscape. I want more people to feel this "touch".
(Saburo Ubukata – Composer / INSTALL - JP)

日常の何気ない音が彼の感性を通過することで、独特の世界観へと 我々を導いてくれる。

I feel the texture in his sounds : that was the surprise when I listened to his sounds first time. They are full of reliance to the one that exists surely, though they are invisible. When the unconcerned sounds in day life pass through his sensibility, we are led to peculiar worldview.
The world at which I aim is also here.
(yujin HIRASE - Architect / yHa - JP)


The stance facing the world has appeared directly in YOSI's music.
The sensibility that can change even noise into tone : The richly colored cathedral that be constructed from zero noise point is made dizzy also today. The only ear that couldn't be acquired in half resolution takes every wave, and bears electric life through the medium of muscle. That is, structures of article production are possible to produce at the whole life.The soul was given into his music.
(Daisuke KAWAJIRI - publishing editor - JP)


Various fragments of the tones in this world he'd recorded by himself
were changed each cells,and he produces them to a new world with the warmth,passion and sweet memories. His music hugs us as a comfortable blancket,and it has the kindhearted trust as we can "touch" even if we live far from each other.
(Kazu Hayashi – organizer - JP)


released July 21, 2012



all rights reserved


Yosi Horikawa Tokyo, Japan

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